Aviation Community and Cultural Center

The Wright brothers maiden flight took place in 1903 and changed the world. It inspired countless would be aviators around the globe to pursue the otherworldly act of flying. From the beginning there were African Americans who not only dreamed of flying but achieved the seemingly impossible by piloting early aircraft. The main theme of A Force Proportional to Their Masses will be gravity and its well-known formula. The concept of defying gravity will be the literal and figurative symbol of the difficulties and societal pressures that the early aviators had to overcome to achieve flight. Gravity is defined: a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their masses. This basic law was discovered by Newton in 1687. To understand it is to understand flight. Gravity must be manipulated to achieve flight. In that same frame of reference there were great forces proportional to the very existence of simply being African American. Flight and the manipulation of gravity in A Force Proportional to Their Masses at Fulton County Aviation Community Cultural Center will speak to the struggles that were endured by the early African American aviators.

African-American-Aviators.jpgBenjamin O. Davis Jr.jpgBenjamin-O.-Davis-Jr-lightbox.jpgJames Herman Banning.jpgBessie-Coleman-Lightbox.jpgJames-Herman-Banning-Lightbox.jpgHoward Wooten.jpgChrarles-Boldon-Jr..jpgEugene-Bullard.jpgFuture-Aviators-before-install.jpgFuture-Aviators.jpgJoseph-N.-Peterson-Lightbox.jpgWilla-Beatrice-Brown.jpg