When Pigs Fly: The Socially Interactive Dream Depository

I created a Frisbee station and blog aptly titled “When Pigs Fly”. The station / Dream Depository contains Frisbees with designs of flying pigs printed on the Frisbees. The piece plays on the old saying “When Pigs Fly” which is used to respond to someone asking you the impossible. When Pigs Fly is a clever way of saying what the person is asking will never happen. Well I wanted to make (Pigs Fly), The Dream Depository is a place where one brings hopes, dreams, wishes and the impossible to. The station has two Black Boxes where one can deposit their dreams and hopes. The Black Boxes are flight/dream recorders, I insured all participants that once a dream or hope was deposited in the Black Box that it was safe, respected and protected. Their hopes and dreams were safe even if they stopped believing, as in all flights or dreams that crash The Black Box is never destroyed. Participants were given the choice also to have the dreams posted on www.whenpigsflyblog.blogspot.com. Hopes, dreams and the seemingly impossible is the currency you use to get a Frisbee, you insert the dream and you are then given a Frisbee. With Frisbee in hand you can proceed to fly the Frisbees with the pigs printed on them, hence achieving the seemingly impossible by making Pigs Fly. The installation is a community friendly piece and requires a minimum of at least two people engaging in a playful experience, helping each other to get their respective dreams taking flight.

When-Pigs-Fly-1.jpgWhen-Pigs-Fly-2.jpgWhen-Pigs-Fly-3.jpg1. When Pigs Fly Disc .jpg2. When Pigs Fly .jpg3. When Pigs Fly .jpg4. When Pigs Fly.jpg